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The Crown Lifestyle is a broadband women empowerment brand. Our podcast, Reclaiming The Crown, is geared towards women who value womanhood and sisterhood. Women are powerful beyond measure and have much to offer to themselves and this world. Much healing and enlightenment comes from the journeys that women share with each other. So, this is a safe space for real conversations, real emotions, and real advice. We strive to create a community where women can come together, grow, and flourish. By sharing our personal stories, motivational tips, career advice, relationship advice, financial tips, and personal testaments from other women, we hope to empower this community of women to be the best versions of themselves.

Meet Brae

I’m Brae, co-founder of this community. For some it can take a lifetime to find their passions, but for me, I can confidently say I’ve found mine!


My passion can be summed up into one simple word; IMPACT. I want to impact woman across the world to show up for themselves consistently and stand in their truths! My passion is to create a space where woman can come together and provide each other guidance on navigating womanhood; sharing our diverse experiences and lifting one another up. 


For the last decade, I’ve leaned into my passion by co-founding this company. I’ve had the opportunity to build a community where I can be my most authentic self & create a space where other women can do the say. I’ve interviewed with women who are taking the beauty, finance, apparel, & healthcare industries by storm! 


Currently I split my time between my corporate finance role and being a serial entrepreneur. My goal is to take the leap and take on my entrepreneurial journey full-time! I want to empower and be empowered by like-minded women! Thank you for joining me on this journey!


Meet Shay

I'm Shay Harkness, co-founder of this Millennial Girl Community! I’m a Project Management Consultant by day and an avid women empowerment enthusiast at all times. 


I've always wanted to foster a community of women that I could connect with to discuss real issues that affect us. Whether it's work life, growing pains, changing relationships, dating, or new life experiences, I think it's important for women to have our safe spaces. 


We still have a long way to go in the plight of equality and prosperity for all women. I want to see all women lead the lives they want! I’ve always had a passion for womanhood and believe that through bonded womanhood, women can create the world we would like to see. It's important for women to have the valuable resources they need to level up in life! If you want to be unapologetically confident in yourself and the unique qualities that you have to offer the world, learn about ways ways to level up, have real girl talk, and grow together, then this is definitely the community for you! 

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